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Vintage Spanish / Mexicanos Coins 8in. Ladies Costume Bracelet
1980's Jamaican Mahogany Wood Carving Tribe State Art
1990's Peruvian Signed Clay Pottery Hand Painted Art Vase
Alaska Art Landscape Oil Painting On Gold Pan Quartz Clock By: Artist Judy Hartman
Alaska Eskimo Folk Art " Eskimo Ice Fishing" Wood Framed Wall Art
Alaskan Art Gold Pan Oil Painting "Alaska Winter Snow Landscape" Artist Dina Eubanks
Antique Silver On Copper Oval Grapevine & Leaf Serving Bowl
Antique 1800's Ansonia OG Weight Driven 30 Day Wind Up Hourly Shelf Clock
Antique 1800's Quadruple Plated 5 Tier Arms Candlelabra Candle Stand
Antique 1800's Turn Of The Century White Enamelware Cooking Fry Pan w/ Wooden Handle
Antique 1885 Tintype Couple 5in. Picture Photograph
Antique 1900's Art Print Italian Artist Giovanni Sandrucci- The Dancing Lesson Colored Art Paper Print
Antique 1900's Asbestos "Sad Iron"
Antique 1900's Indian Dark Nightfall Hunting Art Print E. L. Nye
Antique 1900's Reed Black Enamelware/ Graniteware Roasting Pan
Antique 1908 Griswold Erie Waffle Cast Iron Skillet
Antique 1930's German Composition Imitation Kid Doll
Antique 19th Century B & H Library Hanging Kerosene Oil Lamp Lighting
Antique 19th Century Hand Mill Wooden Coffee Grinder
Antique 19th Century Wooden Thumback Kid's Blue Painted Rush Seat Rocking Chair
Antique American Silver Plated Vegetable Serving Dish By: The Middletown Plate Co.
Antique Angel Cherub Gold Gilt Metal Framed Standing Vanity Dresser / Bathroom Mirror
Antique Austrian Pottery Abstract Hollyhock Flower Vase
Antique Book Record Of Rome Italy
Antique Book Record Of Venus Italy
Antique Burgundy Colored Metal Scissors
Antique Cast Iron Black Americana"Jolly Man" Mechanical Money Coin Bank
Antique Century Company Doll
Antique Chest Wooden Small Trunk Keepsake Storage Box
Antique Dazey Hand Crank Butter Churn Jar St. Louis USA
Antique Defiance Rochester NY Hanging Kerosene Oil Lamp Lighting
Antique Early 20th Century Charles Higgins Original Photograph Hand Painted "The Old Pines" Wall Art
Antique Edwardian Rogers Silver Plated Scalloped Edge 13in. Serving Platter Tray
Antique Forbes Quadruple Silver Plated Brides Basket
Antique George Washington Print "The Home Of Washington"
Antique Gesso & Gold Gilt Framed Victorian Era Colored Art Print
Antique Gold Gilt Metal Framed Vanity Mirror
Antique Griswold Erie #7 10in. Two Sided Drip Pan Skillet
Antique Griswold Erie Cast Iron No #7 Two Side Drip Skillet Frying Pan
Antique Griswold Erie PA #10 Frying Skillet Pan
Antique Griwold Erie PA Cast Iron Double Skillet No. 1103 Lid Top
Antique Ice Cream Shop Cast Iron Ice Block Tongs
Antique Jesus Holy Religious Colored Lithograph Art Print Framed
Antique Ladies IOCO 14kt. White Gold Rolled Plated Bracelet Wind Up Watch
Antique Ladies Two Sided Swivel Vanity Mirror Stand
Antique Late 1800's Hardback Heroes Of The Nation History Book
Antique Leather Book (c)1908 Health & Wealth By: Elbert Hubbard
Antique Limoges Porcelain Plates Costume Brooch & Matching Earrings Set
Antique Lithograph Hand Colored White House Mesh Art Print
Antique Mens Optical Wire Framed Eye Glasses
Antique Merry Whirl Hand Crank Egg Beater
Antique Metal Flat Sad Iron w/ Wooden Detachable Handle
Antique Mouton Fur Muff & Purse
Antique New Haven Tambour No. 56 Wind-up Mantle Shelf Clock
Antique Nippon Girl Jointed Compostion Bisque Doll
Antique Noveau Era Primitive Faux Bois Beveled Glass Hand Held Vanity Mirror
Antique Paper Mache Shelf Sitting Grandma Doll
Antique Portrait Lady / Women Photo Photography Art Wall Decor
Antique Pottery Edwin M Knowles Vitreous Fireproof Stoneware Casserole Ovenware Dish
Antique Print 1897 "Cupid Asleep" By: MB Parkenson
Antique Red Colored Metal Scissors
Antique Red Wing 10 Gallon Stoneware Crock w/ Two Handles
Antique Red Wing 2 Gallon Salt Glazed Target / Bulls Eye Symbol Stoneware Pottery Crock
Antique Red Wing 4 Gallon Union Stoneware Ceramic Pottery Crock
Antique Religious Ceremony Ceramic Pottery Wine / Water Vessel
Antique Religious Ceremony Ceramic Pottery Water / Wine Vessel
Antique Silver Over Cast Metal Open Compote Pedastal
Antique Silver Plated Men's Travel Shaving Box
Antique Small Rectangular Wooden Keepsake Box
Antique Tintype Picture Photograph
Antique Tintype Picture Photograph Assortment
Antique Victorian Lady Portrait Watercolor Art Painting Wall Decor
Antique Victorian Style Hand Clutch Bead Sequenced Purse
Antique Victorian Style Jewelry Keepsake Box w/ Inside Mirror
Antique Victorian Style Multi-Colored Bead Sequenced Hand Clutch Purse
Antique Vintage 1 Gallon Whiskey Stoneware Pottery Liquor Jug
Antique Vintage Antoinette Gold Gilt Metal Framed Electric Shelf Clock
Antique Vintage Art Glass Painting Flower/ Floral Vase
Antique Vintage Beige Nylon Lined Umbrella w/ Black & White Lucite Marbled Handle
Antique Vintage Black Acetate Lined Lucite Handle Short / Small Umbrella
Antique Vintage Black Nylon Umbrella Eagle Claw Foot Wood Handle
Antique Vintage Brass Framed Flower Art Painting Costume Brooch
Antique Vintage British Wooden Square Keepsake Jewelry Box
Antique Vintage Cameo Hand Carved Gold Wash & Silver Coil Brooch
Antique Vintage Chromium Plated Jewelry Keepsake Box w/ Mirror
Antique Vintage Composition 25in. Girl Doll Teeth / Open & Closes Eyes
Antique Vintage Estate Sterling Silver Filigree Purple Stone Ladies Ring
Antique Vintage Faux Finish Oval Wood Hall / Entry Mirror
Antique Vintage Federal Solid Pewter Creamer & Sugar Set
Antique Vintage German Made Rhinestone Costume Jewelry Brooch
Antique Vintage Hand Woven Two Piece Sectional Picnic Basket
Antique Vintage Kerosene Glass Oil Lamp Lighting
Antique Vintage Kerosene Light Blue Translucent Glass Oil Lamp Lighting
Antique Vintage Kerosene Oil Wall Hanging Lamp
Antique Vintage Light Purple Translucent Glass Oil Lamp Lighting
Antique Vintage Mahogany Wood Oval Round Wooden Oval Keepsake Box
Antique Vintage Metal Head Leather Stuffed Body Doll
Antique Vintage Nasco Yugoslavia Wooden Paper / Magazine Holder Rack Stand
Antique Vintage Occupied Japan Parasol Umbrella
Antique Vintage Putney Vermont Basketvile Weaved Magazine / Paper Open Basket
Antique Vintage Queen Anne No. 2 Model Translucent Light Purple Glass Oil Lamp Light
Antique Vintage Red Wing 3 Gallon Two Birch Leaves Symbol Stoneware Crock
Antique Vintage Round Hand Woven Sewing Basket
Antique Vintage Sterling Silver Filligree Ladies Ring
Antique Vintage Toleware Cash Register Metal Box
Antique Vintage White & Blue Trim Enamelware Turkey Roasting Pan
Antique Vintage Women's Fur Muff Hand Warmer
Antique William Clusmann "Sunset River Tree Landscape" Original Watercolor Art Painting
Antique WJB Rolled Gold Plated Etched Name Erna Bangle Bracelet
Antique Wood Picture Frame w/ Photo
Antique Wooden Piano Stool
Antique Wooden Steamer Travel Trunk Storage Chest
Antique Wooden Yeast Shipping Box Crate
Artisan Southwestern Wall Hanging Hand Woven Tapestry Baskets Art Picture
Avon Collectible Plush Stuffed Animal 100th Anniversary Of The Teddy Bear (c)2002
Belair Mens Pre-Owned 3ATM Water Resistant Gold Tone Quartz Watch
Belgium Made Ceramic Pottery Floral Bud Vase
Broken Took Off Vintage Ceramic Pottery Cone Head Witches / Wizards Salt & Pepper Shaker Set
Bulova Ladies Pre-Owned Quartz Gold Tone Watch
Candle Holders
Cartoon Character Fred Flintstones Plush Stuffed Toy
CDK Originals Decorator Stained Glass Art Red Apples Wall Decor
CDK Originals Stained Glass Art Watermelons Wall Decor
Ceramic Pottery
Collectible (c)1976 Tin Tray Norman Rockwell Christmas Limited Edition
Collectible 1979 Barbie "Pretty Changes" 11 1/2in. Doll
Collectible 1980's Enesco Ceramic Growing Up Girls Birthday Doll
Collectible 1980's "Whistler Boy" Composition Bisque Boy Doll
Collectible 1980's - 1990's Skipper Beach Girl Barbie Doll
Collectible 1980's Cabbage Patch Kids Dolls Wind-Up Bedroom Alarm Clock
Collectible 1980's Cartoon Garfield The Cat Hard Plastic Kids Money Coin Bank
Collectible 1980's Glo Worm Friends Kids Plastic Pink Lunch Box
Collectible 1980's Little Green Sprout Ceramic Pottery Money Coin Bank
Collectible 1980's Popeye The Sailor Man Ceramic Money Coin Bank
Collectible 1980's Sesame Street Muppet Characters Ceramic Cookie Jar
Collectible 1980's Walt Disney "Cinderella Productions" Mice Cartoon Sketch Art Print w/ Certificate
Collectible 1980's Wooden Shoe Cleaning Supplies Storage Box Hand Painted Folk Art Painting On Box
Collectible 1984 Vogue Doll Ginny's Little Sister - Ginnette 9in. Doll
Collectible 1990's Vermont Girl Teddy Bear Stuffed Plush Animal
Collectible 1990's Artmark Lead Crystal Hummingbird Glass Bell
Collectible 1990's Big Bird Troll Ceramic Pottery Cookie Jar
Collectible 1990's Big Bird Troll Ceramic Pottery Cookie Jar
Collectible 1990's Warner Brothers Cartoon "Bug Bunny" Ceramic Pottery Cookie Jar
Collectible 1990's Yolanda Bello Danielle Fine Porcelain Sitting Toddler Baby Doll
Collectible African American Black Housekeeper / Maid 5 1/2in. Miniature Porcelain Doll
Collectible African American Black Miniature 5.25in. Porcelain Doll
Collectible American Mint American Virtues "Freedom" Folding Pocket Knife
Collectible American Mint American Virtues "Courage" Folding Pocket Knife
Collectible Barbie Superstar Wearing Long Peach Dress 11 1/2in. Doll
Collectible Bear Cookie Jar
Collectible Bear Force Of America (c)1989 Air Force Teddy Bear
Collectible Black Jamaican Ocho Rios Cloth 17in. Doll
Collectible California Oranges Ceramic Salt & Pepper Shaker Set
Collectible Cast Iron Black Scottie Dog Home Decor
Collectible Ceramic Peacock Pattern Green Colored 12 1/2in. Vase
Collectible Ceramic Pottery Decor "Coffee Time" Pitcher Hand Painted Dutch Boy & Girl Dancing
Collectible Ceramic Pottery Figurine Musical Box "Little Girl Washing Her Kitten In A Wash Tub"
Collectible Ceramic Pottery Multi-Colored Two Handled Floral Vase
Collectible Cereal Advertising Sugar Puffs Kangaroo Plush Stuffed Animal Toy
Collectible Disney Mickey Mouse Plush Stuffed Animal Backpack
Collectible Disney Winnie The Pooh Stuffed Plush Animal Toy
Collectible Dryden Ceramic Pottery Marbilized 6in. Tumbler Cup
Collectible Enchanted Glass Peacock Bird Figurine Paperweight
Collectible Flower Petals Male & Female Ceramic Pottery Salt & Pepper Shakers
Collectible Fuz Clay Pottery Traffic Policeman Cookie Jar
Collectible Hand Blown Art Glass Orange Flower / Floral Paperweight
Collectible Heart Shaped & Hand Painted Strawberries Trinket Box
Collectible Honey Bear Pottery Cookie Jar
Collectible Honey Bear Pottery Cookie Jar
Collectible Iceland Ceramic Pottery Hand Made Art Bowl
Collectible Joe Rice Hand Made Glass Two In One Vase & Paperweight
Collectible Liz Claiborne Black Leather Purse
Collectible Liz Claiborne Red Vinyl Handbag Purse
Collectible Liz Claiborne White Handbag Purse
Collectible McCoy Ceramic Pottery White w/ Strawberry's Teapot
Collectible Mccoy Light Brown Cookie Churn Cookie Jar
Collectible Motor Oil Tin Can Harvest Motor Supreme
Collectible North American Bear Co. 1990 Sweet Pea Bunny Plush Stuffed Animal
Collectible Patriotic Raggedy Ann & Andy Dolls
Collectible Porcelain & Cloth Body Victorian Lady Doll
Collectible Spanish Art Pottery Hand Painted Dried Flower Pitcher Vase
Collectible Stoneware Pottery Hand Painted Farmer Theme Salt & Pepper Shakers
Collectible Tax Money California Ceramic Pottery Money Coin Bank
Collectible Terry Redlin Companion Deer Pencil Sketch Framed Art Print
Collectible Tin Motor Oil Can Farm-Oyl
Collectible Traffic Policeman Fuzz Clay Three Dimensional Pottery
Collectible Traffic Policeman Fuzz Clay Three Dimensional Pottery
Collectible Traffic Policeman Fuzz Clay Three Dimensional Pottery
Collectible Vermont Plush Stuffed 15in. Teddy Bear
Collectible Waterland Traditional Costume Porcelain Holland Doll
Collector's Edition 1990's The Wizard Of Oz Toddlers L'il Witch 10in. Doll In Box
Contemporary "Still Life" Bouquet Of Flowers Oil Painting Signed Quill
Contemporary 16 1/2in. Heirloom Treasure Porcelain Girl Doll "I Love Tupperware" Collectible
Contemporary 1970's Watercolor Art Painting Autum Fall Trees Landscape Painting Signed By: Artist Dave Beuman
Contemporary 1980's Dovard Taunton "Old B & SE Train Depot" Signed & Numbered Art Print
Contemporary Annetta Nichols Watercolor Art Print Pencil Signed & Numbered
Contemporary Art Audrey Ratterman Pastel Watercolors Limited Edition Art Print
Contemporary Art Birch Trees Winter Snow Landscape Watercolor Painting Artist Tom Soucek
Contemporary Art Henri Matisse "Blue Nude I" 1952 Reproduced Print
Contemporary Art Winter Snow Landscape Oil Painting Signed By: Iola Hansen Tittled "Snow In The Mountains"
Contemporary Bernard Fuchs Limited Edition Numbered Art Print "Downhill Racer"
Contemporary Bird Wildlife Winter Snow Watercolor Art PaintingArtist Tom Soucek
Contemporary Collectible Bisque Composition Jointed 21 1/2in. Doll
Contemporary Doug Lew "Red Sails" Sailing Boat Art Print
Contemporary Ellen Eilers Artist Proof Signed & Numbered Print "July In Calico Country"
Contemporary Etching Art - Gymnastics Sports Mens Still Rings
Contemporary Forest Landscape Watercolor Art Painting "Winter Snow Birch Trees Landscape" Artist Tom Soucek
Contemporary Haitian Fine Art Canvas Oil Painting
Contemporary Joseph Chase Pointalism Art "Big Trees & Little Flowers" A/Proof Signed & Numbered Print
Contemporary Original Watercolor Old Barn Farm Landscape Watercolor Art Painting Signed BAKER
Contemporary Red Cardinal Bird Watercolor Art Painting By: Tom Soucek
Contemporary Richard Plasschaert 1980's Signed & Numbered Winter Snow Marsh Pheasants Wildlife Lithograph Art Print Framed
Contemporary Rio De Janeiro Brazilian Cermic Pottery Candle Holders
Contemporary Watercolor Art Print Various Red Barns Winter Snow Artist Tom Soucek
Contemporary Watercolor Painting "Black Bear Winter Snow Forest Landscape" Artist: Tom Soucek
Contemporary Watercolor Painting "Country Farm Red Barn Winter Snow" Artist Tom Soucek
Contemporary Watercolor Painting Wildlife Moose Winter Landscape
Contemporary Watercolor Painting Winter Snow Birch Trees Forest Landscape Artist Tom Soucek
Contemporary Watercolor Print Eagle Wildlife Forest Landscape Artist Tom Soucek
Contemporary Watercolor Print Red Barns Artist Tom Soucek
Contemporary Watercolor Winter Snow Birch Trees Landscape Art Painting Artist Tom Soucek
Contemporary Wildlife Buffalo Watercolor Art Painting Artist Tom Soucek
Contemporary Wildlife Chickadees Birds Winter Snow Watercolor Art Painting Artist: Tom Soucek
Contemporay Collectible Red Wing Ceramic Stoneware Apple Canister Jar
Cookie Jars
Crystal Etched Floral Glass Candy / Nut Dish
Custom Made Cedar 4 Drawer Jewelry Keepsake Chest
Custom Made Cedar Chest 4 Drawer Jewelry Keepsake
Custom Made Wall Mount Wooden Framed Mirror w/ Shelf
Custom Made White Wooden Doll Rocking Play Toy Cradle
Custom Made Wooden Stained Glass Top Jewelry Keepsake Box
Estate Fine Costume Jewelry 1-20-12K. G.F. Ladies Pink Rhinestone Brooch
Estate Fine Jewelry Ladies 12KT. GF Floral Etched Designed Bangle Clasp Bracelet
Estate Fine Jewelry Ladies Sterling Silver 18in. Ball & Boxed Chain Necklace
Estate Fine Sterling Silver w/ Stone Ladies Ring
Estate Girls Sterling Silver 14in. Cultured Pearl Necklace
Estate Gold Gilt Ladies Stone Costume Jewelry Bangle Bracelet
Estate Signed Nickel Silver Turquoise Stone w/ Indian Feather Ladies Cuff Bracelet
Estate Sterling Silver Cuff Ladies Bracelet w/ Stone
Estate Sterling Silver Handmade 2 1/2in. Ladies Cuff Bracelet
Estate Sterling Silver Ladies 18in. Cubic Zirconia Diamond Shaped Necklace
Estate Vintage Crystal Glass Perfume Atomizer Bottle Made In France
Estate Vintage Fine Sterling Silver Pronged Set Purple Fashion Ladies Ring
Estate Vintage Sterling Silver Marcasite Ladies Ring
Fenton Glass 8in. Blue Bud Flower / Floral Vase
Fine Costume Jewelry Gold Gilt Rabbit / Bunny Jade Stone Belly Brooch
Folk Wall Art Hand Carved Ceremonial Tribal Mask
German Ceramic Pottery Hand Painted 11in. Food Serving Bowl
Hanle & Debler Distinctive American Pewter 9in. Shell Shaped Dish
Helbros Mens Self Winding w/ Date & Day Of Week Gold Tone Watch
Italian Ladies 24kt. Gold Plated Red Leather Bangle Bracelet
item sold Vintage Coleman Electric Coffee Percolator Model #63
Item Sold: Vintage Jax & Marbles Games w/ Marbles Pouch
Ladies Black Hills Gold Size 7 Leaf Pattern Ring
Ladies Sterling Silver Leaf Pattern 7in. Bracelet
Metal Art Sculpture Camp Fire Log Metal Ash Tray
Miracle Multi-Colored Glass Cabochons Costume Brooch
Modern (c)1966 Mattel Model Barbie Collectible Doll (Reproduced By Mattel)
Modern (c)1992 Selkirk Hand Blown Art Glass Paperweight Signed
Modern 1970's Acrylic Framed Painting On Masonite "Farm Scene Victorian Girl Holding Her Chicks"
Modern 1979 Kissing Barbie Collectible Doll
Modern 1979 Mattel Barbie Collectible Doll
Modern 1980's Farm scene Oil Painiting Art On Antique Milk Tin Canister
Modern 1980's Shoe Shine Wooden Storage Box Hand Painted Folk Art
Modern 1990's Haitian Montage Oil Painting By: New York Artist Francis Paraison
Modern Art 2000 Expressionism Canvas Oil Painting Titled "Forgotten" Artist Sam Bosworth
Modern Art Dave Riebe "Morning Frost" Lithograph Signed Art Print
Mother & Baby Picture Top Stained Glass Jewelry Keepsake Box
Nordic Ware Scandinavian Krumkake Iron
Norway Electro Plated Nickel Silver Ladies Ring
Old Automobile Gold Tone Metal Car Costume Jewelry Brooch
Old Black Speckled Enamelware / Graniteware Roasting Pan
Old Cabin & Landscape Canvas Oil Painting Art "Cabin Along A Creek"
Old Vintage Art Print Italian Artist Caravaggio-The Lute Player
Old Vintage Art Print Roman Empire Palace Spring Floral Time Period Paper Print Framed
Old Vintage Cast Iron Horse Statue
Old Vintage Cast Metal Racing Cars & One Old Automobile Toy Play Car
Old Vintage Ceramic Doll
Old Vintage Chic Electric Hair Dryer
Old Vintage Fine Art Deco Gold Plated December Birthstone Brooch
Old Vintage German Girl Composition Jointed 20in. Doll
Old Vintage Hand Crank Coffee Mill Grinder
Old Vintage Horse Shoe Metal Book Ends
Old Vintage Ladies Black Hand Clutch Purse w/ Attached Coin Purse Made In USA By: Tina
Old Vintage Ladies School Marm Brooch
Old Vintage Mens Bulova Silver Tone Wind Up Watch
Old Vintage Nesco Grey Marbled Enamelware Ovenware Roasting Pan
Old Vintage Pairpoint Silver Plated 4 1/2in. Claw Feet Pedestal Open Compote Mint / Nut Dish
Old Vintage Skunk Plush Stuffed Animal
Oriental Wooden Bamboo Large Bird Cage
Original Art Oil Painting Winter Snow & Barn Landscape Signed Paul
out of stock Vintage Hyde Park Mens Jewelry Keepsake / Cigar Storage Box
Plaster Of Paris Victorian Lady Vintage Figurine
Pre-Owned August Brand Red Wool Ladies Dress Church Hat
Pre-Owned Coach Brown Suede Leather Side Pack Carry Handbag Purse
Pre-Owned Ladies Coach Light Brown Carry Backpack Purse
Pre-Owned Lorus Disney Mickey Mouse Ladies Quartz Gold & Silver Tone Expansion Band Wrist Watch
Pre-Owned Men's Seiko 5 Automatic 21 Jewels Stainless Steel Wrist Watch
Pre-Owned Mens Pendleton Grey Wool Dress Hat
Pre-Owned Sterling Silver 7.25in. Ladies Charms Links Bracelet
Pre-Owned Used Coach Black Leather Long Shoulder Bag Evening Small Purse
Pre-Owned Used Sydney Love (c)2006 "Women Shopping Pattern" Multi-Colored Vinyl Shoulder Bag Purse
Robert Rose Jewelry Blue Rhinestone 30in. Chain Costume Necklace
Roseville Ceramic Pottery Foxglove Green Colored Basket
Roseville Pottery Blue Colored Floral Design Basket Vase
Roseville Pottery Peony Flower Green Color Console Bowl
Signed Vintage Coro Silver Tone Costume Jewelry Flower Brooch
Sold Antique Vintage 1930's Aladdin Nu-Type Model B Clear Glass Kerosene Mantle Oil Lamp Lighting
sold Vintage 10Kt. Gold Greek Soldier Cameo Ladies Ring Size 5
SOLD Vintage Anchor Hocking Moonstone Pink Hobnail Depression Glass Plates, Cups & Saucers Set
sold Antique 1890's Men's Niagara 14KT. Yellow GF Wind Up Pocket Watch
sold Antique 1900's Waltham Vanguard GF 23 Jewels Railroad Wind Up Pocket Watch
sold Antique 1920' Oil Painting Canvas Scenic Mountain Religious Rocky Mountain Oil Painting of "Mount Holy Cross" Colorado Signed Larsen 28
sold Antique Pottery Open Salt Cellar Storage Box
SOLD Antique Print Johann Sebastian Bach Original Radierung Signed Print
SOLD Antique Print Joseph Haydn Original Radierung Signed Print
sold Antique Vintage German Hanging Wall Mount Coffee Mill Grinder
sold Antique Vintage National NBC Brown Leather Business Briefcase
Sold Antique Vintage Red Wing 2 Gallon Stoneware Crock w/ Two Birch Leaves Symbol
sold Antique Vintage Signed Smith Bro's Glass Art Painting "Bird On Tree Painting" Flower Vase
sold Antique Vintage Wooden Bedroom Serving Food Tray w/ Legs
Sold At Store Vintage Marvella Costume Jewelry 18in. Pearl Necklace
Sold Black & Brown 12in. Mink Teddy Bear Stuffed Animal
sold Collectible 1970's Tin Advertising Winchester Cartridges & Guns Hunters Duck Hunting Sign
sold Collectible 1977 Hasbro Kids Pull A Toy Simulating Walking Hound Dog
Sold Collectible Art Glass Kaleidoscope Toy
sold Collectible Collector's Edition Slinky Dog Kids Pull Toy
sold Collectible Disney Bambi Cartoon Movie -Thumper- Plush Stuffed Animal
sold Collectible Disney Movie 102 Dalmatians "Little Dipper" Batt. Operated Dalmatian Dog Plush Stuffed Animal
sold Collectible Mickey Mouse Basketball Theme Kids Travel Suitcase
SOLD Kids / Toddler Wooden Airplane Rocker
sold Modern 1970's Black & White Watercolor Art Painting "Nude Lady Wading By The Water" Set / 2
Sold ON ETSY Vintage Belgium Pewter Queen Table Dinner Bell
SOLD ON ETSY Antique Dark Brown Cowhide Leather Doctors Bag
sold on Etsy Antique G. F. Filley No. #12 Gem Muffin Bakinig Pan
sold on etsy Antique Gold Gilt Bedroom / Mantle Wind Up Clock
SOLD ON ETSY Antique Hand Saw Two Sided Oil Painting Winter & Spring Landscape Scene
SOLD ON ETSY Antique Ivory Colored Long Hair Lambs Wool Fur Muff Hand Warmer
sold on Etsy Antique Vintage Small Travel Suitcase
Sold On Etsy Collectible Avon Celebrating 100th Year Anniversary 1886-1986 Quartz Ladies Pocket Watch
SOLD ON ETSY Old Vintage Ladies Rose Floral Petit Point Hand Held Clutch Lock Purse
SOLD ON ETSY Pre-Owned Coach Ladies Black Leather Long Shoulder Strap Small Evening Purse
SOLD ON ETSY Pre-Owned Ladies Timex Red Face Brown Leather Wind Up Wrist Watch
Sold On Etsy V intage Samsonite Dark Blue Makeup Travel Suitcase
sold on ETSY Vintage 1930's Pale Yellow Depression Glass Stipled Rose Band Pattern Cup & Saucer Set of Six
SOLD ON ETSY Vintage 1940's Revere Ware Copper Clad 12in. Chicken Fry Skillet Pan
SOLD ON ETSY Vintage 1950's Royal Doulton Bone China 5in. Victorian Girl Wendy Porcelain Figurine
SOLD ON ETSY Vintage 1950's Nancy Ann "Wee Doll" Minature Doll
Sold on Etsy Vintage 1950's Skyway Ladies Brown Ovenight Travel Suitcase
sold on Etsy Vintage 1960's Blue Vinyl "Just Visiting" Grandma Kids Suitcase
sold on Etsy Vintage Angel Cherub 24kt. Gold Filled Metal Casing Glass Perfume Dauber
sold on Etsy Vintage Burgundy Red Vinyl Small Travel Locking Suitcase
Sold On Etsy Vintage Elgin Silver Tone Seconds at 6-o-clock Wind Up Mens Pocket Watch
sold on Etsy Vintage Handmade Woven Handbag Pouch Purse Made In Greece
SOLD ON ETSY Vintage Irish Coffee Liquor Glasses Matching Set / 6
sold on etsy Vintage Light Blue Enamelware Turkey Roasting Pan
sold on etsy Vintage Lime Green Plaster Of Paris Ribbon Laced Designed Overlay Wood Framed Bedroom / Bathroom Mirror
sold on etsy Vintage Louis Men's 17 Jewels Super Automatic Wind UP Watch
sold on Etsy Vintage Pierpont Ladies Gold Tone Wind Up Wrist Watch
sold on Etsy Wilsons Leather Maxima Light Aqua Blue Ladies Hand Held Clutch Purse
sold Pre-Owned Mens Light Brown Leather Cowboy Hat
SOLD Vintage "Going To Grandma's" Just Visiting Kids Blue Vinyl Suitcase
sold Vintage (c)1959 Yogi Bear 25in. Tall Plush Stuffed Animal Cartoon Toy
sold Vintage 1920's Estate Stove Company Four Slice Electric Toaster
SOLD Vintage 1930's Cambridge Rose Point Pattern #3121 Water | Wine Goblet Stemware Set / 4
sold Vintage 1940's Tin Wind Up Schuco Easy Rider Motorcycle Toy w/ Racing Driver
Sold Vintage 1950's Aseda Glass Cranberry | Red Color Decanter Bottle
sold Vintage 1950's Rectangular Curio Three Shelf Wall Hanging Mirror
Sold Vintage 1950's White Star Blue & Cream Suitcases Luggage Matching set / 3
sold Vintage 1960's 3 Dimensional Bisque Porcelain Angels Wall Art Pictures
sold Vintage Anton Peschel Dark Brown Fur Felt Mens Dress Hat
sold Vintage Beveled Glass Vanity Dresser Perfume Mirror
sold Vintage Ceramic Pottery Girl / Lady Figurine Valentines Day Wind Up Musical Box
sold Vintage Collectible Brass Colored 12 piece Napkin Holder Rings
sold Vintage Costume Jewelry Rose Floral Brass Toned Bangle Bracelet
SOLD Vintage Dancing Ballerina Musical Box
sold Vintage E-Z Hand Crank Stove Top Popcorn Popper
sold Vintage E-Z Stove Top Hand Crank Popcorn Popper
sold Vintage E-Z Stove Top Hand Crank Popcorn Popper
sold Vintage E-Z Stove Top Hand Crank Popcorn Popper
SOLD Vintage E-Z Stove Top Hand Crank Popcorn Popper
sold Vintage Edward Mobley Rubber Squeaker Toy Dog
sold Vintage French Blue Metal Base & Blue Lamp Shade Lamp Lighting
sold Vintage Glass Diamond Cut Pattern Flower Vase
sold Vintage Hamilton Retro Ladies White 10KT. Gold Filled Wind Up Exspansion Band Wrist Watch
sold Vintage Heart Shaped Brass Footed w/ Cherub Angels Jewelry Keepsake Box
sold Vintage Joseph E. Ward Mens Olive Green Wool Dress Hat
sold Vintage Labelle Silver Company Silver Plated Electric Coffee Percolator
sold Vintage Lenox Crystal Intrigue Pattern Gold Rim Clear Wine Stemware Glasses Set / 6
sold Vintage Life Magazine " Man's Journey To The Moon"
sold Vintage Life Magazine "The Stories I Kept To Myself". By Richard Nixon
sold Vintage Samsonite Silhouette Pink Marbled Travel Carry Suitcase
sold Vintage Samsonite Silhouette Retro Pink Marbled Ladies Make-Up Travel Suitcase
sold Vintage Sears Aluminum Cookie / Cooky Press & Cake Decorator Set
sold Vintage Two-Sided Magnifying Swivel Standing Vanity Mirror Milk Glass Base
sold Vintage Westmoreland Milk Glass Rooster Nesting Covered Dish
sold Vintage White Dog Poochie The Pooped Pup Plush Stuffed Animal
sold Vintage Wind Up (Love Song) Musical Bird Cage Jewelry Keepsake Box
Star Trek 25th. Anniversary (c)1991 Spock Porcelain Limited Edition Plate
Star Trek 25th. Anniversary (c)1991 Sulu Porcelain Limited Edition Plate
Star Trek 25th. Anniversary Commemorative Uhura Limited Edition Porcelain Plate
Star Trek Collectible "Ferengi Marauder" Pewter Spaceship Model
Star Trek Collectible "Klingon Cruiser" Pewter Spaceship Model
Star Trek Collectible "Romulan War Bird" Pewter Spaceship Model
Star Trek Collectible NCC-1701 D U.S.S Enterprise Pewter Spaceship Model
Star Trek Scotty (c)1991 25th Anniversary Commemorative Hamilton Collection Porcelain Plate
Sterling Silver & Abalone Elephant Pendant Necklace w/ 18in. Box Chain
Sterling Silver Fine Jewelry Stone Ring Size 6
Sterling Silver Ladies Circle w/ Bow Multi-Color Rhinestone Brooch
Sterling Silver Marcasite Pendant Necklace / Brooch & Matching Set Screw Back Earrings
Sword Fish Hand Carved Wooden Sculpture Home Decor Art
took off Antique Vintage 41 1/2in. Big Round Gold Gilt Gesso Wood Framed Wall Mirror
took off broke Vintage Westinghouse Electric Skillet w/ Original Cookbook
took off broken Vintage Blue Glass Liquor Decanter Home Decor Bottle
took off Pre-Owned Outback Ladies Leather Hat
Turkey Cut Glass & Brass Jewelry Keepsake Box
Twin Winton Collectible Cookie Jar Child In A Shoe, Green
Twin Winton Collectible Cookie Jar Child In A Shoe
Victoria Silver Plated 10in. Appetizer Serving Tray w/ Eagle Claw Feet
Vintage 4/12in. Miniature Plastic German Town Travel Doll
Vintage Aluminum Salt & Pepper Shakers
Vintage Austrian Gold Gilt & Rhinestone Flower Costume Jewelry Brooch
Vintage French "Le Follet" Victorian Ladies Hand Colored Oval Art Print
Vintage Girl / Boy Cow Ceramic Pottery Salt & Pepper Shakers
Vintage Jewelry Whiting & Davis Gold Tone Bangle Bracelet
Vintage Ladies Timex Gold Tone Plastic Wind-Up Cuff Watch
Vintage Light Blue Marbled Vinyl Medium Size Suitcase / Luggage
Vintage White & Black Trim Enamelware Chamber Pot w/ Original Label
Vintage 1/20th 12kt. GF Leaf w/ Three Green Stones Brooch
Vintage 100% Wool Rhinestone & Beaded Ladies Hat
Vintage 1915 Ford Truck Metal Coin Money Collectible Bank
Vintage 1920's Borghese Chalkware Victorian Couple Set
Vintage 1920's Cast Iron Wagner Ware "Krusty Korn Kobs" Corn Bread Baking Pan
Vintage 1920's Japan Made Bisque 4in. Jointed Miniature Doll
Vintage 1920's Norman Rockwell Art Print Framed
Vintage 1920's Picasso Reproduction Paper Art Print "Trois Danseurs"
Vintage 1920's R. Atkinson Fox Colored Lithograph Floral Water Fountain Art Print
Vintage 1920's Wagner Ware Cast Iron "Krusty Korn Kobs" Corn Bread Baking Pans
Vintage 1930's Cambridge Rose Point #3121 Tall Champagne Sherbet Stemware Glass Set / 4
Vintage 1930's Cambridge Rose Point Clear Pattern #3121 2 1/2 oz. Cordial Liquor Stemware Set / 4
Vintage 1930's Cambridge Rose Point Clear Pattern #3121 5.25in. 1 oz. Cordial Liquor Stemware Set / 4
Vintage 1930's Jeannette Glass True Pink Windsor Diamond Beverage Pitcher
Vintage 1930's Knapp Monarch Double / Two 6in. Waffle Irons
Vintage 1930's Lancaster Standard Glass True Pink 8 3/4in. Tidbit Serving Dish
Vintage 1930's Tin Metalware Gasoline Can
Vintage 1930's True Pink Depression Glass Bluebird Console Dish
Vintage 1930's Watercolor Art Painting "Still Life Table Seting" Signed Jeanette Wolfe
Vintage 1940' "Little Lady" White Enamelware Kids Electric Play Stove
Vintage 1940's Anchor Hocking "Pillar Optic" Pink Glass 11 1/2in. Bowl
Vintage 1940's Bisque Baby 3 1/2in. Doll U.S.S.R Occupied Germany
Vintage 1940's E.K.O Chalkware Boy & Girl Matching Figurines
Vintage 1940's Watercolor Art Barn Landscape Painting Artist: Lee Tapper Tittled: Briscoe's Barn
Vintage 1950's - 1960's Specialty House Fashion Faux Fur Black Ladies Stole
Vintage 1950's Baby Boy Plastic Play Toy Doll
Vintage 1950's Coro Wind Up Swiss Movement Flower Brooch or Pendant Watch
Vintage 1950's Dr. Scholls Electric Foot Massager
Vintage 1950's Juice King Hand Crank Juicer
Vintage 1950's Matson Gold Gilt Vanity Dresser Mirror Perfume Tray
Vintage 1950's Mens Cossack Trapper Faux Fur Hat w/ Feathers
Vintage 1950's Westclox Baby Ben Wind Up Alarm Clock
Vintage 1953 Sierra Vista California Pottery House Cookie Jar
Vintage 1953 Sierra Vista California Pottery House Cookie Jar
Vintage 1960's Royal Jointed Plastic Doll
Vintage 1960's William Saltzman Art Glass Hanging Mobile
Vintage 1960's Azure Blue Capri Seashell Swirled Pattern 8 3/4in. Bowl
Vintage 1960's Daisy Ann Ceramic Pottery Pantry Ware Salt & Pepper Shakers Set
Vintage 1960's Horseman Little Red Riding Hood 10in. Doll
Vintage 1960's Jorgen Jensen Denmark Pewter Ladies Adjustable Ring
Vintage 1960's Life Hardback World Library State History Books Complete Set
Vintage 1960's Mattel Barbie "Tennis Anyone" Collectible Doll
Vintage 1960's Mattel Barbie Doll (c)1966
Vintage 1960's Mattel Ken In Tuxedo Collectible Toy Doll
Vintage 1960's Mattel Ken Summer In Shorts Doll
Vintage 1960's Mattel Living Fluff Barbie Doll
Vintage 1960's Mattel Superstar Barbie 11 1/2in. Doll
Vintage 1960's Pretty Ann By Metlox Pottery Cookie Jar
Vintage 1960's Pretty Ann By Metlox Pottery Cookie Jar
Vintage 1960's Royal Sealy Bunny Rabbit Ceramic Pottery Cookie Jar
Vintage 1960's Royal Sealy Bunny Rabbit Ceramic Pottery Cookie Jar
Vintage 1960's Saturday Evening Post Magazine - The Saga Of Lassie
Vintage 1960's Saturday Evening Post Magazines | The Fischer Quints Set / 5
Vintage 1960's Skipper "Ballet Class" Ballerina Barbie Doll
Vintage 1960's Skipper "Flower Gir" Barbie Doll
Vintage 1960's Skipper Barbie Collectible Doll
Vintage 1960's Skipper Barbie Doll
Vintage 1970's Buren 17 Jewels Ladies Wind Up Wrist Watch
Vintage 1970's Life Magazine | The Jackson Five
Vintage 1970's Mickey Mouse Hard Plastic Money Coin Bank
Vintage 1970's Raggedy Ann Plastic Money Coin Kids Bank
Vintage 1971 Pillsbury Dough Boy Rubber 7 1/2in. Toy Doll
Vintage 4 1/2in. German Travel Town Girl Plastic Doll
Vintage 4 1/2in. Miniature German Town Travel Plastic Boy Doll
Vintage 4 1/2in. Miniature German Town Travel Plastic Doll
Vintage Advertising 1965 Pillsbury Doughboy Collectible Cookie Tin
Vintage Alice Canviness Costume Jewelry Glass Beaded Garnet Color Clasp Bracelet
Vintage Anchor Hocking Milk Glass 8in. Pitcher
Vintage Anchor Hocking Milk Glass Fire-King Ware Candy Compote Bowl
Vintage Anchor Hocking White Milk Glass Grapevine & Leaf Pattern Fruit Bowl
Vintage Art Noveau Costume Jewelry Brooch & Screw Back Earrings Set
Vintage Artisan Wall Art Hand Stiched Peti-Point Map Of The United States Flowers From 1912-1958
Vintage Ashiko African Percussion Musical Hand Drum
Vintage Avon Collectible Blue & Gold Trimmed Glass Perfume Dauber Bottle
Vintage Avon Gold Tone Rhinestone Clasp Powder Compact
Vintage Ball Point Ink Pens & Wind-Up Alarm Clock Desk Stand
Vintage Bar Liquor Decanter Set / 3
Vintage Barware Liquor Burgandy Tinted Etched Floral Liquor Stemware Glasses Set / 6
Vintage Basset Hound Dog Ceramic Pottery Money Coin Locking Mechanism Bank
Vintage Bellstone Black Leather Hand Clutch Purse
Vintage Benjamin Franklin Metal Bronze Colored Money Coin Bank
Vintage Beswick England Ceramic Pottery Captain Cuttle Character Mug
Vintage Bisque 5 1//2in. Doll
Vintage Black & Red Speckled Enamelware Baking Pan
Vintage Black & White Art Print Framed "After The Nap" Three Victorian Girls Napping
Vintage Black Felt Lined Woven Storage Basket
Vintage Black Leather Small Suitcase
Vintage Block Pattern True Pink Glass Two Handled Bowl
Vintage Blue & White Pin Stripes Petit Point Dog In Center Baby Blanket
Vintage Blue Pronged Set Rhinestone Costume Jewelry Bracelet
Vintage Boardman Colonial Pewter Trio Plate Set
Vintage Book 20,000 Words For Stenographers, Students,Authors & Proof Readers (c)1934
Vintage Boucher Starburst Gold Gilt Costume Jewelry Brooch
Vintage Bouquet Of Flowers Colored Floral Art Print
Vintage Bouquet Of Flowers Colored Floral Art Print
Vintage Boy Scouts Folding Pocket Knife
Vintage Bradley Wind Up Bedroom Alarm Clock
Vintage Brass Tone Color Square Trinket Box
Vintage Brass Toned & Tinted Glass Keepsake Jewelry Box
Vintage British Brass & Wooden Framed Magazine / Paper Holder Rack Stand
Vintage Brody Company Milk Glass Hobnail Pattern 7 3/4in. Vase
Vintage Brown Bear Holding A Cookie Ceramic Pottery Cookie Jar
Vintage Bubble Glass / Glassware Bowl
Vintage Bucherer Ladies 10kt. Gold Eletro Plated Bangle Bracelet Wind Up Watch
Vintage Butterfly & Rhinestone Costume Jewelry Adjustable Ring
Vintage California Ceramic Pottery Yellow Teapot
Vintage Capodimonte Italian Cherub Pink & Gold Trim Table Lamp Lighting
Vintage Capri Crystal Clear Glass 6 Piece Salad Serving Bowl Set / 6
Vintage Casey Pottery Hand Turned Blue & White Spongeware Juice Pitcher
Vintage Cast Iron Cupake / Muffin Baking Pan
Vintage Cast Iron Scottie Dog Doorstop
Vintage Cast Metal Scottie Dog Money Coin Bank
Vintage Ceramic Pottery Bear Licking Lollipop Baby Keepsaker Planter Gift
Vintage Ceramic Pottery Hollywood California 5in. Lady Figurine Planter
Vintage Ceramic Pottery Light Aqua Green Leaf Shaped Food Servin Bowl
Vintage Ceramic Pottery Light Blue Salt & Pepper Shakers Set
Vintage Ceramic Pottery Pig Creamer
Vintage Ceramic Pottery Pig Planter & Piggy Bank All In One Baby Gift Keepsake
Vintage Ceramic Pottery Squirrel Salt & Pepper Shakers Set
Vintage Ceramic Pottery Wiener Dog Coin Change & Wallet Holder
Vintage Chinese Glass Snuff Bottle
Vintage Chinese Porcelain Snuff Bottle
Vintage Chucky Hard Plastic Bangle Costume Bracelet
Vintage Chunky Marbilized Earth Tones Browns Costume Bangle Bracelet
Vintage Clear Cut Glass Flower Vase
Vintage Clear Glass 20in. Beaded Costume Necklace
Vintage Clear Glass Champagne Stemware Set/ 6
Vintage Clear Glass Flower Vase
Vintage Clear Glass Grapevine & Leaf Pattern Punch Bowl & Matching Eight Glass Cups
Vintage Clear Pressed Glass w/ Sterling Silver Lids Salt & Pepper Shakers
Vintage Clown Costume Jewelry Miniature Brooch
Vintage Coach Black Leather Long Shoulder Strap Ladies Purse
Vintage Coca-Cola Collectible Tin Advertisement (c)1973 Tray
Vintage Coca-Cola Collectible Tin Advertisement (c)1973 Tray
Vintage Collectible Aspirin Ceramic Stoneware Bottle
Vintage Collectible (c)1963 Favorite Recipes Of California Winemakers
Vintage Collectible (c)1971 Wheaton NJ Benjamin Franklin Liquor Glass Bottle
Vintage Collectible 4 1/2in. German Travel Town Girl Plastic Doll
Vintage Collectible Cast Iron One Horse Fresh Milk Delivery Wagon Toy
Vintage Collectible Cast Iron U.S. Mail One Horse Delivery Wagon
Vintage Collectible Glass Cookie / Cracker Jar
Vintage Collectible Glass Cookie / Cracker Jar
Vintage Collectible Hardback Better Homes & Garden Barbecue Book (c)1959
Vintage Collectible Hardback Betty Crocker's Outdoor Cookbook (c)1971
Vintage Collectible Ladies Black Clutch Charm Purse By: Phylips
Vintage Collectible Ladies Black Clutch Purse
Vintage Collectible Ladies Black Rhinestone Clutch Purse
Vintage Collectible Milk Glass Cake Salver Pedestal Server Dish
Vintage Collectible Old Hardback Book (c)1924 America Or The Sacrifice By: Robert W. Chambers
Vintage Collectible Orion Porcelain Gentleman Figurine
Vintage Collectible Plastic Storybook Doll
Vintage Collectible Plastic Storybook Doll
Vintage Colored Milk Glass Blue & Red Drinking Mugs Set / 9
Vintage Coral Cameo Red & Orange Color Ladies Gold Ring Size 6
Vintage Coralie New York Womens Fancy Flaired Ladies Black Dress Hat
Vintage Coro 1950's Matching Costume Choker Necklace & Bracelet Set
Vintage Coro Flower & Rhinestone Costume Brooch
Vintage Coro Rose Colored Rhinestone Costume Brooch
Vintage Coro Sterling Silver Dove Bird Brooch Jewelry
Vintage Costume Jewelry Cameo & Rhinestone Brooch / Pendant
Vintage Costume Jewelry Coro Banjo Instrument Brooch
Vintage Costume Jewelry Flower & Pearl Brooch Made In Spain
Vintage Costume Jewelry Gold Tone & Rhinestone Knotted Brooch
Vintage Costume Jewelry Multi -Green Toned Beaded Bracelet
Vintage Costume Jewelry Perfume Glass Bottle Peti-Point Flower Brooch
Vintage Costume Jewelry Rose Floral Brooch
Vintage Costume Jewelry Thimble Brooch w/Rhinestones & Crown
Vintage Country Gentleman Mens Tweed Wool Dress Hat
Vintage Cream Color Wool Bead & Rhinestones Ladies Dress Hat
Vintage Cromwell Aluminum Fruit / Bread Basket
Vintage Cromwell Silent Butler Crumb Catcher Hand Wrought Aluminum
Vintage Croton Diamond Cut Silver Toned Ladies Wind-Up Watch
Vintage Crystal Clear Swirled Pattern Glas 7 1/2in. Three Footed Tid Bit Serving Dish
Vintage Cupid Theme Black Leather Lined Sewing Hideaway Wooden Foot Stool
Vintage Cuss Sweariing Ceramic Pottery Money Coin Bank
Vintage Czechoslovakian 20in. Girl Plastic Doll
Vintage Dancing Donald Duck 17in. Rubber Stuffed Animal
Vintage Dansk Designs France Yellow Enamelware Soup Dutch Oven Pot Cookware
Vintage Dayne Taylor Blue Braided Three Section Hand Clutch Purse
Vintage Dayton Company Ladies Harvest Style Dress Hat
Vintage Dayton's Blue Plastic Braided & Red Scarf Ladies Dress Hat
Vintage Daytons Ladies Pink Rose Floral Top Dress Hat
Vintage Delft Holland Ceramic Pottery Hand Painted Windmill Ash Tray
Vintage Delft Pottery Hand Painted 7in. Ladies Costume Bracelet
Vintage Delft Sterling Silver Hand Painted Windmills On Porcelain Screw Back Earrings
Vintage Delfts Hand Painted Windmills Silver Filigree Brooch
Vintage Denmark Silver Plated Wall Art Decor Platter Tray
Vintage Descoware Special 8in. Frying Skillet Pan
Vintage Dev Cameo Design Porcelain Pottery Perfume Mist Spray Atomizer
Vintage Don Davey New Orleans Artist Framed Art Print
Vintage Double / Two Side by Side Waffle Irons
Vintage Dresser / Buffet Table Matching Lamps Lighting
Vintage Dutch Boy & Girl Hand Painted Ceramic Pottery Salt & Pepper Shakers
Vintage Dutch Girl & Boy Paper Mache & Plastic Body Doll
Vintage E-Z Stove Top Hand Crank Popcorn Popper
Vintage E-Z Stove Top Popcorn Popper
Vintage Eagle Brand Galvanized Steel Gasoline / Oil Can
Vintage Eagle Patriotic Wood Framed Kitchen Primper Mirror
Vintage Elgin American Heart Design Gold Tone Powder Compact Case
Vintage Elgin Quartz Pendulum Movement Wall Clock
Vintage Elgin Travel Case Wind Up Alarm Clock
Vintage Emmons Costume Jewelry Ladies Adjustable Ring
Vintage Enesco Ceramic Pottery "Wild Cherry" Pattern Tea Pot without lid
Vintage Enesco Ceramic Pottery "Wild Cherry" Pattern Water / Juice Pitcher
Vintage Enesco Ceramic Pottery Colonial Drummer Boy 4in. Toothpick Holder
Vintage Enesco Ceramic Pottery Wild Cherry Pattern Teapot
Vintage Enesco Porcelain Egg Cup Holder
Vintage European Travel Rubber Doll
Vintage Fenton Brown Amber Cream Frosted Tulip Pattern Glass Bell
Vintage Fenton Custard Lime Green Glass Pedestal Candy Compote Dish
Vintage Fenton Glass 1970's Hand Painted Art Painting Glass Bell Signed C. Shaffer "Winter Snow Country Theme"
Vintage Fenton Glass Bud Vase - Hand Painted Flowers Signed
Vintage Fenton Glass Lime Green Custard 7in. Candy Bowl
Vintage Fenton Glass Lime Green Custard Open Candy Compote Pedastal Dish
Vintage Fenton Milk Glass Hobnail Ruffled Edge 5 1/2in. Vase
Vintage Fenton Pink Translucent Hand Painted Rose Floral Glass Bell
Vintage Fenton Silver Crest Milk Glass Ruffle Edge Serving Bowl
Vintage Flower Glass Vase w/ Daisy Flower Design On Front
Vintage Fostoria American Crystal Clear Glass Three Footed Serving 10 1/2in. Bowl
Vintage Framed Art Print Boy Holding A Rabbit
Vintage Frankoma Ceramic Pottery Two Handled Spout Gravy Boat
Vintage Frazier California Ceramic Pottery Three Piece Matching Set- Wall Art Decor, Jewelry Box, Cigarette Holder
Vintage French "Le Bon Ton" Victorian Ladies Hand Colored Wall Art Print
Vintage Fringe-style Chromium Plated Rhinestone Choker Necklace
Vintage General Electric Copper Framed Rectangular Kitchen Wall Clock
Vintage Genuine Pewter Sugar & Creamer Set
Vintage George Washington & His Birthplace Commemorative Colored Print
Vintage German Costume Yellow Rose Floral & Rhinestone Brooch
Vintage German Lunch / Purse Shopping Basket
Vintage German Vanity Magnifying Travel Purse Mirror
Vintage Girl Composition 9 1/2in. Jointed Doll w/ Travel Trunk Chest
Vintage Girls Overnight Pink Travel Suitcase
Vintage Glass Barware Liquor Pink Tinted Frosted Drink Pitcher & Matching Glass Set
Vintage Glass Lady's Perfume Dobber Bottle
Vintage Gold Gilt Flower w/ Leaves Garnet Rhinestones Adjustable Ladies Costume Ring
Vintage Gold Gilt Rhinestones Adjustable Costume Ladies Ring
Vintage Gold Gilt Vanity Perfume / Jewelry Dresser Mirror Tray
Vintage Gold Tone Earring Caddy Travel Compact Case
Vintage Gorham Newport Pattern Silver Plated 12in. Serving Platter Tray
Vintage Grapevine & Leaf Pattern Carnival Glass Candy Compote By: Indiana Glass Co.
Vintage Green Peacock Feathered Ladies Dress Hat
Vintage Grey Dress Evening Purse
Vintage Guardian Service Small Cooking Ware / Bakeware Pan
Vintage Haeger Ceramic Pottery Blue & Green Marbled Candle Holders
Vintage Haeger Ceramic Pottery Mary In Prayer Religious Planter
Vintage Hand Crochet Snowflakes Pattern Twin Bed Size White Bedspread w/ Pillow
Vintage Hand Crotched Multi Colored Checkered Pattern Afghan Throw Blanket
Vintage Hand Crotched Patriotic Red, White & Blue Afghan Throw Blanket
Vintage Hand Forged Everlast Aluminum Metal Rectangular Serving Tray
Vintage Hand Painted Country Art Oil Painting On Wooden Picnic Basket
Vintage Hand Wrought Aluminum Farberware Victorian Ladies Porcelain Picture Plate Wall Decor
Vintage Hand Wrought Aluminum Revere Rome Pattern Serving Basket
Vintage Hard Plastic Floral Design Marblized Purple Tones Costume Bangle Bracelet
Vintage Hargas Stained Art Glass Quartz Wall Clock
Vintage Harvest Milk Glass Fruit Basket Serving Dish
Vintage Harvest Pattern Milk Glass Fruit Bowl
Vintage Health O Meter Bathroom Weight Scale
Vintage Health O Meter White Enamalware Bathroom Weight Scale
Vintage Heart Shaped Porcelain Jewelry Keepsake Box
Vintage Holiday 1960's Tom & Jerry Liquor Batter Bowl & Matching Mug Set
Vintage Homemade Raggedy Ann 24in. Cloth Doll
Vintage Hummel Wind-Up Wall Pendulum Clock
Vintage Inarco Ceramic Pottery Cadillac Phaeton Car Planter
Vintage Indiana Black Glass Tiara Pattern Candle Holders Set
Vintage Indiana Milk Glass Three Footed Serving Bowl
Vintage Indiana Sandwich Milk Glass Gold Rimmed Punch Bowl & Cup Set
Vintage Inox German Folding Pocket Knife
Vintage Insulated Hot / Cold Liquid Storage Thermos Cooler
Vintage Italian Hand Painted Ceramic Wall Hanging / Hand Held Vanity Mirror
Vintage Italian Mult-Colored Vimax Ceramic Pottery Floral Vase
Vintage Japanese Ceramic Pottery Floral Vase
Vintage Jesus Lithograph Colored Wood Framed Art Print
Vintage Jewelry Renoir Copper Leaf Costume Brooch
Vintage Jewelry White Glass Costume Brooch
Vintage Judy Lee Cat Jelly Belly Pendant Costume Jewelry
Vintage Judy Lee Costume Jewelry Floral Brooch
Vintage Juicy Red Marbled Bakelite Screw Back Earrings
Vintage Kayanee Sew Master Pink Kids Sewing Machine
Vintage Kids Night Lights Porcelain Boy & Girl Figurines
Vintage Kids Play Toy Electric Motion Walking & Barking Dog
Vintage Kids Porcelain China Tea Cup Party Set
Vintage Kids Wooden Rocking Horse w/ Puppy Face
Vintage Kitchen White & Black Trim Enamelware Rectangular Pan
Vintage Ladies / Woman's Orange & Green Feathered Dress Hat
Vintage Ladies 1940's - 1950's Style Hand Woven Hand Held Purse
Vintage Ladies 1950's-1960's Day Apron Three Pockets
Vintage Ladies Ambassador Brand Red Vinyl Clutch Purse
Vintage Ladies Black Evening Vanity Mirror / Powder Compact Purse
Vintage Ladies Black Plastic Retro Purse W/ Genuine Leather Inner Lining
Vintage Ladies Brown Leather Socialites "Theodor" California Hand Clutch Purse
Vintage Ladies Brown Swing Cape
Vintage Ladies Caravelle Wind-Up Retro Pendant Watch
Vintage Ladies Elgin Wind Up Silver Tone Expansion Band Watch
Vintage Ladies Grey Fur Stole
Vintage Ladies Ivory Colored Wicker Woven Dress Purse w/ German Manicure Set
Vintage Ladies La France Clutch Retro Purse
Vintage Ladies Light Brown Fur Trim Single Swing Cape
Vintage Ladies Multi-Colored Plastic Bead Sequenced Clutch Purse
Vintage Ladies Sequence Beaded w/ Flower Design Hand Clutch Purse
Vintage Ladies Travel Tote Carrying Case / Hat Box
Vintage Ladies White Beaded Dress Purse
Vintage Ladies White Hand Bead Sequenced Rose Floral Petit Point Hand Clutch Purse
Vintage Ladies Yellow Wicker Clutch Purse w/ Bamboo Handles
Vintage Lady London Unique Retro Style Brown Board Two Section Should Strap Purse
Vintage Lefton St. Patrick's Day Ceramic Pottery Girl / Lady Figurine Wind Up Musical Box
Vintage Libby's Glass Floral Pattern Glassware Set/5
Vintage Life Magazine " Bob Hope At The Merry Peak Of His Career" May 11th. 1962
Vintage Light Blue Marbled Vinyl Small Suitcase / Luggage
Vintage Light Brown Diamond Shaped 16in. Hard Plastic Costume Necklace
Vintage Lime Green Hard Plastic Costume Bangle Bracelet
Vintage Linden Black Forest Small Wind Up Alarm Clock
Vintage Liquor Bar Glassware Hour Glass Musical Decanter
Vintage Lisner Gold Tone Leaf Brooch
Vintage Longaberger Hand Woven Key / Mail Hanging Basket
Vintage Louis L'amour Paperback Collectible Books
Vintage Maddux California Ceramic Pottery Matching Black Swan Planters
Vintage Marcia Ceramic Pottery Cylinder White & Blue Cookie Jar
Vintage Matching Milk Glass & Hat Lamp Shades Bedroom Lamps Lighting
Vintage Mccoy Black Kookie Kettle Cookie Jar
Vintage Mccoy Brown Burlap Sack Cookie Jar
Vintage Mccoy Ceramic Pottery Black Pot Belly Stove Cookie Jar
Vintage McCoy Ceramic Pottery Cookie Jar
Vintage Mccoy Ceramic Pottery Peas in a Pod Brown Colored Cookie Jar
Vintage Mccoy Ceramic Pottery Peas in a Pod Brown Colored Cookie Jar
Vintage McCoy Kettle Cookie Jar
Vintage McCoy Pottery Flower & Fruit Design Cookie Jar
Vintage McCoy Strawberry Ceramic Pottery Cookie Jar
Vintage McCoy Strawberry Ceramic Pottery Cookie Jar
Vintage Merrimac Black Fur Felt Ladies Dress Hat
Vintage Metal Brass Angel Cherub & Rhinestone Costume Bracelet
Vintage Metal Electric Small Fan
Vintage Metal Toleware Hand Painted Silent Butler
Vintage Metlox Poppytrail California Ceramic Pottery Divided Food Serving Bowl
Vintage Mickey Mouse 18in. Plush Stuffed Animal
Vintage Mickey Mouse collectible kid's pull toy
Vintage Midsilcraft Eletro Plated Nickel Silver 813 6.5in. Fine Dinnerware Serving Platter
Vintage Mighty Mustang Wooden Rocking Horse Toy
Vintage Milk Glass Cake Salver Serving Pedestal Stand
Vintage Milk Glass Hobnail Candy Compote Dish
Vintage Milk Glass Holiday Egg Nog Bowl & 5 Mug Set
Vintage Milk Glass Patriotic Kerosene Oil Lamp Lighting
Vintage Milk Glass Salt & Pepper Shakers & Matching Sugar Jar Set
Vintage Miniature Pencil Sharpener
Vintage Miniature Tin Green Kerosene Oil Lamps set / 2
Vintage Miss Simplicity Wood Framed Art Print
Vintage Moderntone Platonite Hazel Atlas Turquoise Cup & Saucer Set
Vintage Mother Of Pearl Travel Purse Perfume Atomizer Made In France
Vintage Mourning Cameo Costume Jewelry Brass Brooch
Vintage Mouton Fur Brown Color w/ Red Highlights Ladies Dress Coat
Vintage Multi Colored Rhinestone Scarf Pin Brooch
Vintage Multi Colored Beaded Retro Shoulder Strap Purse
Vintage Musical Powder Puff Metalic Green Metal Box
Vintage Napco Ceramic Pottery Angel Cherub Flower Planter
Vintage Napco Green Colored 9 1/2in. Glass Flower Vase
Vintage Nashco Metal Toleware Hand Painted Roses Food Serving Bed Tray
Vintage Nemadji Ceramic Pottery 9in. Floral Vase
Vintage Nick Eggenhofer Indian Western Art Print "The Great Buffalo Hunt"
Vintage Ocean & Lanscape Framed Art Print Rockbound Coast By: Thomas Peters Lake
Vintage Old Fashioned No Hole Ceramic Pottery Piggy Coin Bank
Vintage Old Gas Table Chimney Lamp Miniature Pencil Sharpener
Vintage One Mink Fur Pelt
Vintage Oregon Myrtle Wood Hand Painted Enamel Brooch
Vintage Oregon Myrtle Wood Hand Painted Enamel Costume Jewelry Brooch
Vintage Oriental & Floral Hand Painted Art Glass Painting Thin Milk Glass Flower Vase
Vintage Oriental Chinese Jewelry Keepsake Box (Selling As Is)
Vintage Our Family Picture Compact Gold Tone Case
Vintage Oval Shaped Brass Keepsake Box
Vintage Patriotic Colored Art Print "I Pledge Allegiance To The Flag"
Vintage Patriotic Commemorative Jewelry Keepsake Box
Vintage Pearsons E Chesterfield #2 Stoneware Pottery Whiskey Liquor Jug
Vintage Peti-Point Cameo Costume Jewelry Brooch
Vintage Peti-Point Hand Stiched Needlework Wall Decor Art Home Picture
Vintage Pig Plaster Of Paris Big Piggy Bank
Vintage Pigs Ceramic Pottery Salt & Pepper Shakers
Vintage Pink Glass & Silver Plated Base 5.25in. Serving Bowl Made In England
Vintage Pink Glass Lemom Drop Side Pattern Ruffled Edge Open Mint Candy Pedestal Dish
Vintage Pink Glass Small Serving 6 1/2in. Pedestal Plate
Vintage Pink Rhinestone Silver Tone Ladies Costume Ring Size 8
Vintage Pistol Gun Ceramic Pottery Book Ends W/ Pen Holders
Vintage Plaster Of Paris 4 1/2in. Victorian Little Girl Figuriene
Vintage Plaster Of Paris Collectible Victorian Figurine Book Ends
Vintage Plaster Of Paris Girl Pig Piggy Bank
Vintage Plaster Of Paris Hobnail Shoe Decoupage Figurine
Vintage Playskool Postal Station Educational Fit The Wooden Shape Toy
Vintage Playskool Wooden Bell Ringing Xylophone Play Toy
Vintage Porcelain Pottery Car Theme Juice Pitcher 1930 Studebaker Commander 8 Coupe
Vintage Porcelain & Rose Floral Decor Bedroom Lamp Lighting
Vintage Porcelain Figurine Set Mother Elephant w/ Two Baby Elephants Chain Linked
Vintage Porcelain Piano Shaped Jewelry Box Keepsake
Vintage Porcelain Pottery Floral Abstract Matching Candle Holders Set
Vintage Pottery Girl In Overalls Cutting Wood Figurine
Vintage Pressed Clear Glass Punch Bowl & 12 Glass Cup Set
Vintage Putney Basketville Vermont Two Piece Wicker Picnic Basket
Vintage Putney Basketville Vermont Wicker Picnic Basket
Vintage Radnor Grey Metal Toolbox
Vintage Ransburg Trio Tin Canister Kitchen Set
Vintage Rectangular Hand Painted Floral Top & Sides Wooden Keepsake Jewelry Box
Vintage Rectangular Wood Framed Wall Mirror
Vintage Rectangular Wooden Mens Jewelry/ Keepsake Personal Storage Box
Vintage Red & Yellow Tinted Glass Flower Vase
Vintage Red Kettle Pottery Cookie Jar
Vintage Red Kettle Pottery Cookie Jar
Vintage Red Wing Brown & Yellow Ceramic Pottery Two Tier Utensil Holder
Vintage Red Wing Ceramic Pottery Aqua Blue Console Bowl Pedestal Dish
Vintage Red Wing Ceramic Pottery Dinnerware Pottery Gravy Boat
Vintage Red Wing Ceramic Pottery Three Hole Flower Vase
Vintage Red Wing Pottery Bowl w/ Handle Hand Painted Flowers
Vintage Red Wing Pottery Ivory Colored Tear Drop Candle Holder Set
Vintage Redwing Stoneware Ceramic Pottery Hand Painted Tulips Cookie Jar
Vintage Retro Andre Rivalle 17 Jewels Wind Up Mens Wrist Watch
Vintage Rhinestone Costume Silver-Toned Ring
Vintage Rossini Ceramic Pottery Angel Cherub Decor Pitcher
Vintage Rossini Ceramic Pottery Angel Cherub Pedestal Covered Candy Dish
Vintage Royal Doulton Fine Porcelain Bone China Floral Abstract Matching Candle Holders Set
Vintage Royal Haeger Ceramic Pottery Food Serving Bowl
Vintage Rubens Ceramic Pottery Dog "Get Well Soon" Gift Planter
Vintage Salem Pewter Gravy Sauce Porringer
Vintage Scroll Top Wooden Keepsake Jewelry Storage Box
Vintage Sears 13in. Tiger Plush Stuffed Animal
Vintage Sears Red Ripe Strawberry Ceramic Cookie Jar
Vintage Sears Red Ripe Strawberry Ceramic Cookie Jar
Vintage Shafford Ceramic Pottery Honey Bunny Rabbit Planter
Vintage Sheffield Miniature Firescreen Fan Wind-Up Clock
Vintage Sheffield Pewter Teapot
Vintage Sheffield Pewter Teapot
Vintage Sheridan Silver Plated 7in. Serving Bowl
Vintage Signed Art Costume Jewelry Chick / Chickling Brooch
Vintage Signed Coro Costume Jewelry Picture Pendant Locket
Vintage Signed Coro Costume Jewelry Tuti Fruiti & Rhinestone 7in. Bracelet
Vintage Signed Initials C & R Gold Plated Etched Bangle Clasp Ladies Bracelet
Vintage Silver Plated & Ceramic 10in. Serving Platter
Vintage Silver Plated Baby Rattle
Vintage Single Flower Glass Paperweight
Vintage Spooners California Ceramic Pottery Couple Spoon Rest
Vintage Square Gold Tone Picture Compact
Vintage Stained Glass Art Orange & Red Hanging Mirror
Vintage Sterling Silver & Porcelain Screw-On Earrings Victorian Picture On Porcelain
Vintage Stern Novelty 23in. Monkey Clown Plush Stuffed Animal Toy
Vintage Stoneware Cermaic Pottery Two Handled Brown Glazed Cookie Jar
Vintage Stoneware Cermaic Pottery Two Handled Brown Glazed Cookie Jar
Vintage Storybook Collectible Tin Kid's Piggy Bank
Vintage Storybook Native American / Indian Girl Plastic Doll
Vintage Storybook Nurse 7 1/2in. Plastic Doll
Vintage Storybook Plastic Black Girl 8in. Doll
Vintage Styled By Coralie Mink Fur Front Netting Dress Hat
Vintage Susan Gail Black Leather Long Shoulder Strap Ladies Purse
Vintage Swarvoski Rhinestone 15in. Choker Costume Jewelry Necklace & Matching Earrings Set
Vintage Swivel Vanity Mirror Porecelain Floral Base
Vintage Syroco Wood White Colored Vanity Dresser Mirror Stand
Vintage Table Lamp Victorian Style Hand Painted Pottery Base
Vintage Three Little Pigs Cast Metal Pig Piggy Bank
Vintage Tiffany Style Westmoreland Glass Votive Candle Holder
Vintage Tilso Hand Painted Porcelain Dresser / Jewelry Box w/ Two Trays Set
Vintage Timepiece 1940's Elbon Ladies Wind Up 10KT. Rolled Gold Plated Wrist Watch
Vintage Timepiece Empire Watch Co. Sterling Silver Ladies Wind Up Pocket Watch
Vintage Timepiece Northfield Mens Wind Up Silver Tone Wrist Watch
Vintage Tin Copper Ship Sailboat Designed Candy Canister
Vintage Tin Fruit Designed Canister
Vintage Tourmaline Orange Rhinestone Dog / Animal Costume Brooch
Vintage Towle Silver EP Jewelry Keepsake Mens Dresser Box
Vintage Treasure Craft Ceramic Pottery White & Light Blue Trim Pasta / Fruit Serving Bowl
Vintage Turner White Lily Flower / Floral Framed Art Print
Vintage Turner White Lily Flower Framed Art Print
Vintage Turtle Ceramic Pottery Cookie Jar
Vintage Two Piece Descoware 1 Quart Pot & Saucpan Cover
Vintage Two Waffle Irons Side by Side
Vintage Two-Toned Amber Rhinestone 7in. Costume Jewelry Bracelet
Vintage Ultra Craft Costume Jewelry Cat At The Door w/Flowers Brooch
Vintage United Sailing Ship Boat Electric Shelf Clock & TV Lamp Lighting
Vintage Unmarked Beige Flower Design Cookie Jar
Vintage Unmarked Mccoy Black Floral Painted Cookie Jar
Vintage Unmarked Mccoy Black Floral Painted Cookie Jar
Vintage Valerie Modes Velour Ladies Netting Front Dress Hat
Vintage Van Bergh Silver Plated & Etched Glass 11in. Serving Platter
Vintage Vernon Ware Ceramic Pottery "Tickled Pink" Divided Food Serving Bowl
Vintage Vernon Ware Ceramic Pottery "Tickled Pink" Two Piece Nesting Bowls
Vintage Victorian Ceramic Table Lamp Lighting
Vintage Victorian Ladies Reverse Silhouette Painting Set
Vintage Victorian Lady Ceramic Pottery Planter
Vintage Victorian Lady Porcelain Figurine Entry / Table Lamp Lighting
Vintage Victorian Lady Pottery Figurine
Vintage Victorian Style Burgandy Glass Two Handled Table Lamp Lighting
Vintage Web Pewter Gravy Sauce Porringer
Vintage Web Pewter Salt & Pepper Shakers Set
Vintage Wedding Bride Homemade Plastic 18in. Doll
Vintage Weiss Black Rhinestone Costume Leaf Brooch
Vintage Weiss Clip-On Costume Dress Earrings
Vintage Welby Metal Art Deco Wall Art Wind-Up 8 Day Dining Room Clock
Vintage West Bend Flavor-Matic Red Electric Coffee Percolator
Vintage Western Cowboy Matching Jacket & Pants Kids Play Outfit
Vintage Western Cowgirl Dress Up Play Outfit Matching Vest & Skirt
Vintage Westmoreland Milk Glass 9in.1 Quart Jug Pitcher
Vintage Westmoreland Milk Glass Latice Lace Banana Fruit Pedestal Bowl
Vintage White Art Deco Wooden Matching Candle Holders Wall Decor Shelves
Vintage White Clutch Dress Purse
Vintage White Enamelware Baking Pan w/ Lid
Vintage White Enamelware Baking / Bakeware Pan w/ Lid
Vintage White Glass Marble Gold Glazed Salad Bowl Set
Vintage White Graniteware / Enamelware Medical Gauze Canister
Vintage White Lined Gold Tone Handle Umbrella
Vintage White Milk Glass Bubble Pattern 3.25in. Footed Sugar Bowl
Vintage White Tic-Tac Glass Beaded Choker Costume Jewelry Necklace
Vintage White Wicker Oval Mirror
Vintage Whiting & Davis Gold Tone Costume Jewelry Bangle Bracelet
Vintage Whiting & Davis Gold Tone Mesh Cocktail Evening Hand Clutch Purse
Vintage Wilton Pewter Serving Hot Dish 9in. Bowl
Vintage Wine Serving Glass Decanter & Matching Eight Wine Glasses Set
Vintage Winnie The Pooh Nursery Kids Bedroom Lamp Lighting
Vintage Winnie The Pooh Plaster of Paris Piggy Bank
Vintage WM Rogers Waverly Pattern 10 1/2in. Silver Plated Tray
Vintage WM Thompson Wilderness Mountain & River Landscape Vibrant Colored Art Print
Vintage WMF Silver Plated Match Canister Safe
Vintage Wood Sculptured Western Cowboy Bell
Vintage Wooden Rush Seat Kids Chair Hand Painted
Vintage Xylophone Fisher Price Pull Musical Toy 1964(c)
Vintage Yorktown Swiss Ladies Wind Up Fine Bracelet Watch
Watercolor Artist Ken Morrison Limited Edition Signed & Numbered Framed Art Print "Over The River & Through The Woods"
Wooden Hand Carved Floral Top Jewelry Keepsake Storage Box

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