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Minnesota based online antiques store shopping catalog selling a great selection of antiques including, antique mantle clocks, fine arts paintings & prints, home decor, pottery, estate jewelry, men's & ladies accessories.
Artisan wood carvings sculpture wildman hand carved western cottonwood wall art for sale.
Antique furniture kids wooden fold up chair.
antique furniture adult wooden fold up chair.
Vintage 1970's Barbie
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Artisan wood carvings sculpture Mountain man fox hunter w/fox hat hand carved wood wall art for sale.
Artisan wood carvings sculpture large Wizard hand carved wood wall art for sale.
Vintage white & black trim enamelware  two matching square baking or food storage pans.
Vintage girl white poodle with long curly eye lashes & pink bow plush stuffed anima toyl dog.
Vintage 1950's Universal Statuary Corp. oval shaped ivory colored wall hanging mirror.
Vintage ivory colored victorian theme plastic  jewelry keepsake box.
Vintage Hull ceramic pottery rectangular flower planter for sale.
Vintage Judy Lee leaf flower with clear rhinestones costume jewelry brooch and clip on matching leaf earrings set.
Estate fine jewelry ladies 10kt. gold malachite stone ring.
Old vintage cherry color woven small basket.
Vintage collectible  mickey mouse 1971 plastic kids money coin  bank.
Vintage Harkerware Petit Fleurs Pattern white flowers and blue background color dinner plates, saucers, coffee cups,  small bowls, one large bowl, one large plate dinnerware plate set.
Vintage Griswold 9in. cast iron cookware frying pan skillet.
Folk painting art man & women picture painting on thin wood, folk art painting for sale online.
Vintage Croydon costume brooch wind up watch for sale online.
Vintage men's hat namebrand Vanzina Pavia  mens brown fur felt  dress hat for sale online.
Vintage E-Z stove top hand crank popcorn popper for sale online.
Dog wall art porcelain pottery three dimention English Foxhound Dog Head Wall Pocket Decor.
Vintage Sears Roebuck Company Maid of Honor heavy weight aluminum oven turkey roasting pan.
Vintage Lakewood Brand blue enamelware boby electric fan for sale online.
Vintage Eskimo McGraw Edison Company oscillating eletrci metal fan for sale online.
Old vintage metal oscillating electric mountable fan for sale online.
Antique victorain style brass clam shell shaped shoulder evening dress purse.
Vintage Sheffield made in England carving knives & steak knives set for sale online.
Vintage Romania wood magazine or  newspaper rack stand.
Vintage 1950's black seal fur wrap around stole.
Vintage white dog plush stuffed animal toy poochie the pooped pup with blue glass eyes made in Ames Iowa.
Vintage hard plastic horse scooter kids / toddlers  push scooting  play riding toy for sale online.
Vintage Lassie collie dog fine porcelain  6in. tall figurine.
Vintage Edward Mobley rubber squeaker toy dog for sale online.
Antique Griswold  Erie 1920's #18 Hearts & Stars cast iron waffle hot iron with high base for sale online.
Vintage plaster of paris victorian little girl 4 1/2in. collectible  figurine.
Vintage 1960's White Star blue & cream colored vinyl matching suitcases set of three for sale online.
Antique Kellogg telephone hand crank wood frame wall hanging phone.
Antiquescove has a great selection of antiques for sale online, vintage collectibles for sale online & modern collectibles listed to shop & buy online today.
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Antiques Cove has been selling online (Since 2004).   Antiques Store Virtual Shopping Catalog  Offering
Decades Of Antiques, Fine Arts, & Collectibles Including,  Antique Mantle Clocks, Fine Arts, Ceramic
Pottery Wares, Antique Furniture & Home Decor, Estate Fine Jewelry,  Ladies & Men's  Accessories.
Please Stroll On Through Today, To Find Your Next Great Treasure! From The Past & Present Antiques
& Collectibles.
Contemporary 1980's Dovard Taunton
Vintage clear glass flower vase for sale.
Collectible 1970's rotary dial turning telephone
Antique Bates & Bacon ladies yellow rolled gold plated bangle bracelet made on Dec. 26, 1905.
Antique  cast iron #12 three legged soup kettle / bean  pot for sale online.
Antique cast iron cauldron kettle pot white enamelware lining on the inside of pot.
Vintage 1930's Westinghouse Oscillating electric rotating fan for sale online.
Antique 19th Century 1890's Mens Swiss made 14Kt. GF wind up pocket watch, seconds at the six-o-clock time.
Vintage 1930's Cambridge Rose Point clear pattern #3121 etched stemware water / wine goblets.
Vintage General Electric light brown leather framed desk clock.
Antique cowhide leather Doctors bag.
Vintage Elgin quartz carriage ball moving pendulum moon phase mantle clock, what this Elgin clock sold for online.
ITEM SOLD $100.00
ITEM SOLD $60.00
ITEM SOLD $130.00
ITEM SOLD $60.00
Vintage artist Maud Tousey Fangel wall art colored lithograph print - baby sleeping.
Collectible Mickey Mouse Basketball sport theme kids travel overnight suitcase for sale.
ITEM SOLD $18.00
ITEM SOLD $40.00
Vintage dark blue Samsonite makeup travel suitcase for sale online.
ITEM SOLD $40.00
Vintage pressed clear glass punch bowl and twelve matching glass mugs set.
ITEM SOLD $40.00
Antique vintage Hartford Sterling Company Quadruple silver plated 5 arm candlelabra candle holder stand for sale online.
ITEM SOLD $100.00
Vintage Indiana blue carnival glass with grapevine & leaf pattern pedestal candy compote dish with lid.
ITEM SOLD $30.00
Antique vintage Queen Anne No. 2 light purple translucent glass oil lamp light for sale online.
ITEM SOLD $85.00
Vintage Luncheon cups & plates set.
ITEM SOLD $100.00
Vintage glass wine serving decanter & eight matching wine glasses, glass set for sale online.
ITEM SOLD $95.00
Antique vintage Religious Jesus
ITEM SOLD $100.00
Vintage ladies travel tote carring case.
ITEM SOLD $34.00
Modern 1970's Expressionism
SOLD On Etsy
Modern 1980's Walt Disney Cinderella cartoon animated  mice colored art print for sale online.
ITEM SOLD $58.50
ITEM SOLD $160.00
Antique religious ceramic pottery vessel.
SOLD On Etsy
Antique vintage beaver fur muff ladies hand warmer for sale online.
ITEM SOLD $80.00
Vintage Hattie Carnegie angel cherub costume jewelry brooch with white rhinestones.
ITEM SOLD $45.00
Vintage 1930's glass stippled rose band pattern pale yellow almost clear cup & saucer glass set.
SOLD On Etsy
Contemporary Miriam Ragan art oil painting (c)1980 Bayou Swampland oil painting on slate.
ITEM SOLD $55.00
Vintage 1950's Teetertot Bentwood Baby Toddlers bouncy rocking glinder made by The Delphos Bending Company Ohio.
SOLD On Etsy
Vintage mother of pearl compact travel perfume atomizer made in france.
ITEM SOLD $27.00
Antique Armand Marseille German Composition jointed bisque head collectible doll is wearing a blue dress.
SOLD On Etsy
Vintage Louis men's wind up 17 Jewels movement, Super automatic, Incabloc, Antimagnetic, wind up gold tone expansion band wrist watch for sale online.
SOLD Sold On Etsy
Collectible Bear Force Of America 1989 United States Air Force plush stuffed teddy bear animal.
ITEM SOLD $25.00
Vintage beige color with floral / flower designs on the front ceramic pottery cookie jar for sale online.
ITEM SOLD $55.00
Vintage red bakelite ladies bangle bracelet costume jewelry  for sale online.
SOLD On Etsy $45.00
Vintage -E-Z stove top hand crank popcorn popper for sale online.
ITEM SOLD $75.00
Antique ivory colored long hair lambs wool fur muff hand warmer for sale online.
SOLD On Etsy $75.00
Star Trek The Next Generation collectible
ITEM SOLD $285.00
Vintage 1970's  black & white watercolor art lady nude painting sitting by the water matching watercolor paintings are both signed K. Grabow.
ITEM SOLD $95.00
Vintage 1970's art black and white watercolor art painting lady in the nude wading in water matching set, signed by artist K. Grabow in 1974.
Antique G. F. Filley cast iron #12 gem muffin baking pan.
SOLD On Etsy
ITEM SOLD $40.00
SOLD On Etsy $65.00
ITEM SOLD $51.00
ITEM SOLD $75.00
Vintage oval shaped light green color ribbon design plaster of paris over wood framed wall dresser bedroom mirror.
SOLD On Etsy $45.00
Vintage artist Frederic Sweney Store Display
SOLD On Etsy
Antique Mouton fur muff and purse brown chocolate color with red tint for sale.
ITEM SOLD $60.00
Collectible 1990's Artmark Hummingbird clear glass bell for sale online.
ITEM SOLD $25.00
Antique vintage religious Catholic 1920's colored lithograph art  print framed.
ITEM SOLD $80.00
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Selling online vintage & collectible piggy banks, money coin banks for sale online.
Vintage baskets, wicker baskets, picnic baskets, hand weaved baskets,  for sale online.
Online antiques store shopping catalog selling vintage bathroom weight scales for sale here online today.
Antique bells, vintage bells, collectible bells, glass bells, Fenton bells, ceramic bells, school bells.
Candle holders, pillar candle holders, glass candle holders, ceramic pottery candle holders for sale.
We have a great selection of antique, vintage, collectible, ceramic pottery for sale at our online antique collectible store.
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Vintage collectible cookie jars for sale at our online antiques store.
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Vintage electric fans, rotating fans, kenmore fan, lakewood fan for sale.
Selling on this page vintage figurines & collectible figurines.
Estate fine jewelry for sale, gold fine ladies jewelry, sterling silver fine ladies jewelry, nickel silver fine ladies jewelry. We hav a great selection of ladies bangle bracelets, cuff bracelets, sterling silver ladies rings , gold ladies rings, silver ladies necklaces, gold broochec, antique cameo brooches,silver brooches.
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Selling online antique umbrellas & vintage umbrellas.
Antique wooden boxes, vintage boxes, receipe boxes, storage boxes for sale.
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Antique vintage black umbrella carved wood eagle claw handle for sale online.
ITEM SOLD $54.00
Antique British  Enfield wind up wooden mantel / mantle clock, made in England.
ITEM SOLD $108.00
SOLD On Etsy
Antique 1920's Colorado Rocky Mountain's
ITEM SOLD $125.00
Vintage 1960's blue vinyl
SOLD On Etsy $40.00
Antique Salt Cellar Storage ContainerAntique open salt  wall hanging ceramic stoneware pottery lcellar box. Wall Mount Hanging Antique Salt Ironstone Box
ITEM SOLD $54.00